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Welcome to the CCAST BAMBILI

Class of 1984-1986

Re-igniting the Past and Unveiling the Future!

  Official 2017 Reunion Website!

Our long awaited 2017 Reunion is drawing near! Your organizing Committee is fine-tuning details of a purpose-filled reunion that will give you a taste of true Southern Hospitality in the Peach city of Atlanta, Georgia. Together we will recharge, reconnect, and re-ignite our past and unveil our future together!

Oh how far we all have come from Bambili! We have shuttled between various phases and places-from euphoric moments, tribulations, challenges, successes and everything in between. While some have crossed oceans and become sojourners in far off lands, others have stayed close to home. Yet wherever we find ourselves, the Bambili experience remains a centerpiece of our collective lives and a central part of our beings.

In that spirit, the 2017 reunion will reflect and re-ignite our transforming experiences in Bambili. We will be transported back to our teenage yesteryears of Disco Boom, break-dancing, arduous study, and everything that characterized us in the 80’s. With reckless abandon, we will storm Atlanta in our bold colors of costume pageantry and in muted tones of je ne sais quoi. We will spend an entire weekend telling jokes, bonding, sightseeing, celebrating and dressing up in clothes that future generations will regard with both envy and embarrassment…and we will not have a care in the world…

In this Southern City of McMansion Suburbs and fake-brawling (Real Housewives of Atlanta), where Martin Luther King ignited the dream and Black hip-hop Artists perfected the art of spitting out rhymes, we will re-ignite our past and unveil our future with our sheer vibrance and essence. Yes indeed, this charming college town of the prestigious Morehouse College which has produced countless scholars, professionals, artists, and leaders from every field will become our very own playground in August 2017.

And with our perennial determination, we will wring every last drop of fun out of the entire week end!

So visit the "Classmates" page to see what your class mates have been up to. Use the "Sign Up" button to create your own classmate profile. In your profile, upload a "Then Photo" from high school, and a recent photo of yourself, post message to your classmates, hook up with old friends, and let the fun times begin!

And don’t forget to check back for periodic updates on reunion plans!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

Your 2017 Reunion Planning Team!




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